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Community Savings

With Woveo, you can create rotating savings groups, pool funds and access interest-free credit.

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Credit Building

With Woveo, you can build credit history together as a group. We report your payment history to the credit bureaus to help you build credit. (Coming Soon)

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Credit Building
Woveo Card

Spend and Save

Use the Woveo Card to make everyday purchases with zero fees

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Why Woveo

  • Build credit while saving

    Savings groups are an alternative to credit and gives you flexibility to access and build credit on your own terms.

  • Save more together

    Help each other save more to achieve your financial goals together.

  • Interest-free

    Access interest-free credit and make your money work for you and the people you care about.

Woveo’s platform is so easy to use and helped our community grow. I find it very useful to manage payments, moderate discussions and build financial literacy.


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